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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post is a little trick...when you feel down think of yourself as the hero in some a film movie...that you have just been beaten up and are crawling out of a dirty dark ally knowing that before the movie ends you will beat your enemy ( well give him a severe repremand and indicate you would now like to be friends and if he even needs help that he should ask you first) and you get the girl ( again perhaps just be friends rather than have to get used to living with someone else)...
As silly as that sounds to many, I concur that this technique does indeed work. In this context, who is your alter ego Alex? For your information, I am "Man-of-the-People-Man", all round generic good guy...

Originally Posted by sil View Post
Alex, I bought my place in the expectation I would die there. Never expected that day to come as soon as it will though. So I bought it to live in. Not to sell on for a profit, reality is there is never a profit once every fee is paid and ironed out.
Exactly how I feel about my home. I live in a 'ghetto 'hood, but the house is solid, a good design and I like it. I have mostly great neighbours, and few problems that a tall fence can't solve (or a Chimpanzee with an AK, for that matter).

Originally Posted by sil View Post
I wont be missed by a single person and so much intolerance I can't really contribute in any meaningful way currently.
Factually incorrect. For what it's worth, I find your posts (whilst sticking to the subject matter) are spot on, enlightening, and have solved more than a few problems at my end. I doubt I'm alone on this issue. If you do go away, be sure to bring along a laptop and 4G router
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