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Thanks for the pep talk Alex. Being positive is aganst my nature i guess. if i dont feel happy then pretending to be to me is just a lie. I am feeling more upbeat right now than when I posted. Still I'm intrigued by packing everything up and finding a new life. I guess its a romantic notion. Praticalities really make it impractical. I love fossicking for rocks etc but cant these days and I've dreamt of getting an underground hole in coober pedy where I could just spend time scraping out tunnels sideways. But then how would I pay for water/electriciyt/food etc? Still nothing I could do to be employable. Idle rich would be handy then I could work on my mineral and stamp collections. If I severed all ties though I could maybe find a better place for me, other interests etc but it'd be a step I'd be scared of without bringing parts of this life with me. I've got no real life friends left and I've deleted my few social media accounts. This is the most social place I have left. And all I can offer is mistakes to avoid for newbies. I do have some papers I'd like to have time to work on and write up, some medical, some physics just dont know. If I could get use of my arm back to get back into photography that mightbe enough for me to go walkabout and see parts of this great country I haven't seen yet. Far from other people. My experiences the past decade have little to find positive, people I trusted and relied on being deceptive and manipulative and so petty about there problems like " only being able to afford a new Subaru instead of a new Range Rover to take the toddlers to kindy ". People are so pathetic about what they consider to be supportive. I'm glad you have a better outlook and I certaintly don't wish you or anyone on this forum any unhappiness (well maybe a certain ufo spotter long ago, as Jimmy Carr put it so well "the gene pool needs a little chlorine from time to time").
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