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Originally Posted by benklerk View Post
I also bought the TSRCFlat3 about a month ago for my GSO RC 14". It's still sitting in the box as I'm still building my obs and haven't tried it out. I bought all the adapter so it should be easy to install everything. Should be in about a month before I'm all setup. The camera I have is the Moravian G4-16000.

This is how I worked out the adapters I need.
The camera distance to OAG is 61.5mm
2x 10mm extenders
M68 to M69 Adapter 5.3mm
Baader filters are 3mm
Comes to 89.8mm
You're actually at 85.8mm I'm afraid.
A 3mm filter adds 1/3rd to the optical back focus (subtracts from the mechanical).
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