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ASI1600MM-C Servicing

So i have started to have some fan vibration issues with my 1600MM-C camera, the fan has visible dust building up and the fan guard is rusting, and the USB3 port on the camera is a bit loose. The vibration was so bad last night that i could feel it through the guidescope, so it was transmitting through the APO. This camera was one of the first delivered by Bintel (late May 2016) and it has a lot of hours on it, considering all the subs i have shot. I think it needs a service. I rang Don at Bintel and he suggested sending it back to him and then he will send it on to ZWO, but obviously in the new year now given Christmas.

Has anyone returned a 1600 for service? Was there a cost involved considering they are all still under warranty?
I could probably take the back off and clean the fan blades, but the guard still should be replaced and i would want the USB3 port replaced as well. Anyone doing their own servicing?
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