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Originally Posted by Bassnut View Post
I must say, the RCOS is built like a tank and weighs like one too. You get of various length spacers with it that are engineered so close that they are next to impossible to unscrew when done up.But they are stupidly stable and anything hangs off the end with no flex. I've seen many neut setups with side mounted cams that just swung in the breeze. A notorious video of a 16803 mounted to an ASA neut showed many mm of flex just leaning on it a bit, what a disaster. 14 rolls of seletape around the whole shebang was required just to make it usable. That side mounting stuff must be a nightmare to manage.

Yes - you get what you pay for.
An RCOS can handle a big camera with ease.

A QHY9 is more than enough to hang on my Newt.
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