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Originally Posted by Benny L View Post
i think its a violation of the EULA for non students to use academic software? I definitely know it is a no-no if you are using it for commercial use. Plus you can't buy the upgrade pack for the next version because that feature is disabled
Have not read that it's a violation of the EULA anywhere but I will check next time I do a re-install (I am working within the licence in anycase). Certainly would not be using it for commercial stuff and I think those that do are skunks. Could claim it on tax in anycase. Yes the upgrade feature is disabled but why would you bother? If you could not resist the latest wizzbang version it would be cheaper or equililant cost to buy the Ed version then upgrade anyway . I only updated last year after using PS 7 for many years. CS4 has far more features then I will require for quite some time.

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