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Originally Posted by hulloleeds View Post

Ian, was it your choice to make the auction private - or do I smell a (smart) rat, who knows to make the "illegit" auctions hide the product in the feedback page.

For what it is worth, I must admit, I wouldn't be sure that that seller was illegit and I've a fair bit of experience for this type of thing.

Finally, for those of you who underestimate the whole google thing,

Page 2 you'll find this thread, page 1 you'll see cloudy nights post has made it
News to me - I don't know how it became "private" , certainly not anything I did , unless it automatically became made "private" when my Dispute was initiated. Otherwise , I'd say the vendor has tagged it private somehow.

I have heard from another of this guy's customers (who lives in Brisbane) who contacted me and told me he has had similar problems with the 2 Adobe products he bought , says he decided to ask when he noticed I've given negative feedback to the vendor, he asked what else and how I am dealing with this , he's going to follow my example . Said he's been trying to get a response from the vendor for several days has had a gut full of wasting his time.
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