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Originally Posted by Ian Robinson View Post
Don't buy any software via Ebay from the seller called raptorscience .

I am now excallating the dispute with this seller as raptorscience tried fogging me off , said it must me me and not the copy he sold me.

I'll keep you guys posted .

tI reminded raptorscience there are two satisfactory resolutions to this ie -
raptorscience can send me a genuine Adobe CS3 Extended (new unused retail / shop version) - one that will actually work !!!
raptorscience can send me a full refund of the transaction.

I have reminded raptorscience that I am fully entitled to a full refund under Australian comsumer protection laws since I have not recieved what I was lead by raptorscience 's Ebay advert to believe I was getting (e a genuine Adobe CS3 Extended ,the FULL unused retail / shop version).
Some of the feedback for this guy look a little dodgy to me. I hope you have better luck than I did with eBay. I didnt get ripped off but I was the high bidder on some motorbike parts until 30 seconds from the end of the auction and the seller pulled the parts from the auction and within 30 mins had relisted the parts at a higher price. Verdict from eBay was non existant they wont even answer emails from me.

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