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Originally Posted by Ian Robinson View Post
CS4 Extended , the current version may well cost over $1000
Sorry if I misunderstood, but you're not specifically looking for a commercial license are you? As a Master's student you should qualify for the hell-cheap academic version of CS4 Extended for non-commercial, personal use:

Can grab it for about $200 these days, legitimately from typical uni bookshops. I think I paid $300 for it a few months ago, but they've recently had a price drop.

Basically you buy the physical product, then visit:

Then sign up, enter the coupon code from the retail box, attach a scanned photo of your student card (they allow you to censor certain parts of it that aren't relevant - e.g. birth-date, barcodes, etc - if you are worried about privacy). Then within a day or so you get a serial number emailed to you. Smooth riding from there.

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