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Hate to say it but the dang thing has stopped working .
After those scope shots I took it inside a few days later and now it powers up and the sensor does it's test and menu is all there but shutter won't go. Checked with CCD clean and that works so maybe a plug\connection is a bit dodgy. I'll have to open it up again and check everything. I'll be a bloody expert before long.

Might see if I can pick up a cheap old\early DSLR Canon or something and see how easy it is to mod that. TradeMe might have something listed, 300D or whatever.

And just as I was getting a whole bunch of new ideas to play with.

On that note would the IR mod make it sensitive to the solar prominences etc in the Ha region ? Not sure how I'd try this yet but if it is then ....

Nuts hey ?
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