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Originally Posted by Garbz View Post
So as a matter of interest can you still focus at infinity?

I attempted this mod with a Nikon and then gave up when I couldn't source a sheet of glass to cover the sensor that had the correct thickness / refractive index. Simply removing the filter put the focus off to the point of making the camera useless, and I couldn't do my previous trick which was scrape the IR coating off the filter as Nikon in their wisdom decided to sandwich the element that does the IR cut between two sheets of plain normal glass.

Probably not but the whole exercise was for an IR modded astro camera and I will have all the focal travel I need with the scope. It will never be used as a normal camera, I have the big SONY for that. Mine appears to be a sandwich too if you chk the pictures.

Mono mod: probably not there doesn't seem to be anything else left to easily scrape off. The IR windows was in it's own plastic molding and just peeled off but anything else appears to be securely bonded to the sensor.

Now I've just got to get rid of all the clouds that were obviously trapped inside the sensor assembly. They seem to have escaped despite my precautions with the Anti Static mat
Hoping like heck they will have dissipated before the Wed night lunar eclipse.
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