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And here is the result first time working. A nice pink picture, lots of IR inside from the halogen light in the dining room.

I have a few more pix of intermediate stages if anyone wants more info but they are mostly about finding screws and closeups. I recommend downloading the Service Manual first and doing some study on how to get to your target with the minimum of deconstruction. The less you disturb, the less likelihood of damage. Most modern camera will be of a similar construction inside, the job is not all that hard but it needs some patience and careful work.
I had a nice bright Led light bar and a loupe and spent quite a bit of time examining how it all fitted together. Even so it only took about 3 hours excluding the CRC soak time.
I need to test this obviously and of course it is raining but if it all works I may consider attacking the water damaged A77 body although it seems to have other issues as well.
I'll find the Service Manual site and post a link up. It had everything up there free. Could be useful if you are considering having a go your self. It ain't as hard as I thought it would be.
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