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Originally Posted by RyanJones View Post
Thank you Alex for bringing this up and thank you Jon for your DSS guidance. I had PM'd Marc after his comments on your Corona Australis attempt and he was incredibly helpful in explaining what the Bayer matrix was but he doesn't use DSS so he was unable to add what you have Jon. Thank you all !
12 months ago I was in your exact same boat Ryan/Alex.

The good folk here on IIS have helped me develop my knowledge so Iím happy to Ďpay it forwardí to other people who are currently paddling the boat I once was.

Iíve gone from a camera on a tripod with no idea what I was doing to a guided scope with cooled camera in 12 months. Made lots of mistakes on the way and the learning curve has been very steep, however, it is only through the help of the people on here and hours upon hours of reading I feel Iím finally at a point where my setup now works as it should, when it should.
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