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Hi Robin
Light pollution is a (un)popular topic for us city dwellers!
My situation is about 200 metres from a main road with high sodium lights and I (like most) am also surrounded by mercury street lights. I found that
I could not get nice black skies and if I tried to adjust the light pollution out
I would loose some of the fainter nebulosity.
For some time I have fitted a IDAS LPS-P2 (31.7mm) light pollution filter to
my Meade DSI II colour camera and I have this now permanently in place.
Incidentally, I removed the previous infra red filter from the camera as the
IDAS also performs this function.
I have found that my skies are now much blacker and I can retain more nebulosity. The colour balance of this filter suits my camera well (eg no colour unbalance). Sure, I have had to about double my exposure times but
this is no problem as I guide and tend to stack 1 minute images.
One problem is the rather high cost of these filters, especially now our
dollar has dropped.
Cheers Peter
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