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Light Pollution

The back of my suburban house backs onto a street. That street has 2 street lights close by, the orange one is 30 meters west and the white one is 20 meters east. Both put light into and above my back yard but I have a vine growing on the fence to block most of it from the ground, from where I view.

Obviously I'm trying to image through this barage of light and I learnt early on that I can't image west of here. I have an astonomiks light filter which easily doubled my exposure time. In fact I tried imaging last week end without it just as a reminder, and have deleted all that data as useless.

Apart from moving, which is on the cards, and shooting out the street lights, is there anything else I can do to reduce the impact of these lights.

I do have a dew guard for this scope which I have not tried yet and maybe it will improve it a little, but I doubt it. I'll try the guard on saturday night I hope.

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