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Originally Posted by Manav View Post
What is the charging for a custom OAG?
Why is this astronomer stuff always worth a arm and a leg?
Small production runs. The cost for me to build say one oag would be huge if I had to charge for time. doing the initial drawings and design. To write the program for the cnc, make a couple of prototypes, test them, retweak the program for speed etc. would be a couple of grand. So to make one would cost say $2500. To make 100 might only cost $300 each. Then they have to be packaged, freighted, warrantied (add another $80). You want to make a prrofit, so add about 30% and round it up to $500, and the retailers will want to sell it for double, so $1000, add GST and you are at $1100. That is assuming no distributor taking their cut and no protection from currency fluctuations and that isn't much of a profit for the manufacturer.
If you make stuff for yourself and can write off the time and don't have to recover equipment and tooling costs etc. then that is a bit different, like servicing your own car.
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