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If you want to see good HDR (and, how it should be used properly):

The year was 1997. If I'm not mistaken, Dr. Paul Debevec received a standing ovation at SIGGRAPH where he presented this. I am yet to see more realistic lighting in an animation to date. I used to be a 3D modeling/animation nerd in my younger years. I sometimes wonder where I'd be now if I kept up with it!

In a nutshell, HDR image processing was used after photographing chrome balls from different angles inside St. Peters Basilica. The basic idea being that the chrome balls capture all the specular light sources inside the building. A model of the building is then created and the chrome balls wrap (as it were) around the model providing global illumination; the highlights then become the light sources. So, there's no "artificial" light sources in the animation.

This, and, in video games, is where HDR excells. At the end of the day, if it works for you/whoever, and your images turn out how you want them to, then, more power to you.

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