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Originally Posted by Gama View Post
Start another thread if you want, but leave this to the questions originally asked.
Umm, not to be a smartar$e, but the original question was SBIG or QHY9.

Seems valid that Peter should refer to the two manufacturers in question. For the uninitiated questions of QE, pixel size, sampling etc. can seem a bit esoteric, but these numbers do mean stuff. Whether any of these is particularly important to your specific imaging equipment is something only you can decide, but you have to learn about them.

Peter refers to the QE because, in general, SBIG have used Kodak chips that excel in this area. If sensitivity is high on the list that becomes important.

Theo refers to chip size as the QHY range typically get you a larger chip for the price. If maximum FOV is important to you then that moves chip size up the list.

Then there's the quite complex issue of sampling. Ideally you should match the pixel size of your camera to the focal length of your scope, but that would require far too much equipment for most, particularly if you like to indulge in both long and short FL imaging.

You'll notice that virtually nobody refers to megapixels anymore, as this number is pretty much meaningless other than the general relationship that more pixels equals smaller pixels.

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