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Originally Posted by rat156 View Post
I have to concur with Fred on the point of QE. I can do things with the ST-10 that frankly you can't with the QHY, merely because of sensitivity.

On the subject of oversampling, I'm yet to be convinced that it's a bad thing, I suppose I'm spoilt as I have the QE, but I find that I can tell the difference in resolution between binned and unbinned images.

For instance have a look at two subs from the recent NGC 2070 images I have done. One is Ha unbinned, the other is red and binned 2x2.

I can definitely see that the binned image stars are blocky.

Hi Stuart, I don't consider this a very true representation of a binned and unbinned image. If both images were Ha or both were red channel images I would expect this to be a much more accurate representation. Ha images by default will have smaller stars purely by virtue of the narrower wave length of the light collected.
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