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IMO all the above mentioned cameras are fine for long FL (say up to 3m), oversampling is no problem, and anyway the 8300 at 3m FL and bin2 is .74 arcsecs, sweet (and good dynamic range). Decovolute filter (the single most powerfull software tool for post processing) works better with some oversampling also.

Ive considered the 8300 chip too, the low noise is a bonus, but for me QE is very important. 10hrs Ha at 80% QE on an ST10XME becomes 20hrs with the 8300s 40% QE.

Ive lately taken 20min subs with max ADUs in the hundreds (out of 65000!) that were just buried in noise with an ST10. Dark subtraction fixed them right up. Low noise is great, but good darks also do the trick on noisy chips like the ST10.
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