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Originally Posted by sejanus View Post
to my knowledge dirt cheap grey import them - they do not buy it locally from canon

i.e. they do exactly what you do from adorama and add on a bit for their trouble

if that is the case, i don't think the cash back will work
Hi Jase

I did stumble on a couple of grey import sites in Oz which were cheaper than Dirt Cheap. On the Dirt Cheap website they write:

“Our Australian Guarantee

All of our products are from Autherised(sp) Australian Suppliers and Distributors, therefore all products come with a standard Australian Warranty backed by the Australian Manufacture(sp) and or Distributor.

We do not GREY IMPORT or PARALLEL IMPORT products or supply any such products, if you have been told otherwise please contact us and advise us by who and let us reasure(sp) you we do not GREY IMPORT OR PARALLEL IMPORT any product”.

So, at face value, they appear to have a standard Australian Warranty backed by the Australian Manufacturer and or Distributor which should allow for the cash back? Definitely something to check before you buy!

If you buy, e.g. the 40D and the above 2 lenses, then the scales tip in favour of Adorama I think.


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