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Hi Philip
I use an EOS/Nikon adapter as well as an EOS/M49 unit, and these are either stainless steel, or chrome plated brass, (ie metal not plastic), and both of them clear the contacts on my 300D, not by too much, but there is a clear space between them. However, I note that you say it touches the 4 contacts. On the 300D, there are 8 contacts at 6 o'clock. These are set in two groups, one bank of 3 on the left, which is set forward of the bank of 5 contacts that are to the right hand side. From what you say, it would appear that the layout on the 350D is somewhat different. I have attached a (very bad) shot of my 300D, taken with a little point and shoot that I can't focus close up, but it clearly shows what I mean. I would have thought that the easiest way to resolve your problem would be to gently file away some of the metal where it touches the contacts, but another option would be to mix up some Araldite or similar, and coat the rear of the adapter, thus insulating it from the contacts. (You could possibly use a couple of coats of contact adhesive in lieu of the epoxy.) Whatever you do, have a trial run first, and ensure the epoxy is thoroughly mixed, as you don't want any uncured glue on the contacts, as this would be very difficult to remove.

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