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Looks like maybe a private resale of an ebay scope. I don't think much can be done about these sun filters popping up on ebay from time to time.

What's the seller to do? devalue the product by throwing out accessories that came with it? Even if we try to warn them, how are they to respond? On the one hand there is the manufacturer of the scope who obviously thinks the sun filters are perfectly safe and on the other there is some crackpot sending them alarmist emails.

And what can we expect ebay to do? Unless it can be clearly demonstrated to them that something illegal is going on, probably not much.
A more effective way of dealing with the problem might be through a public demonstration; like buying a bunch of these sun filters and getting them to explode in the focusers of various types of scopes. A show like Today Tonight would love it. Or call in the Mythbusters!!