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Originally Posted by marco View Post
Thanks Paul, I am asking because I am struggling with the seeing in Coona and wanted to compare. The image you produced looks pretty sharp, with nice tiny stars all over the field and I was imaging you had better seeing than mine, which is apparently similar to yours (2" to 3.1") or a bit on the higher side, mostly around 3" on subs.. I am trying to understand what I could tune on my setup to improve the FWHM but if the seeing is mediocre there is not too much I can do.. That's all

I am going short subs (5minutes in LRGB). Ditching subs that have higher values and look bloated. If I remember yours is an RC (or is it an IDK) and they do have bloated looking bright stars but tiny dim stars. What image scale are you using? That will dictate terms a bit too.
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