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So I gave the ASI178MM a short test drive this afternoon. I'm interested that when I stacked all of the videos, various parts of the top of the disk yielded a striped pattern.Intrying to process out the stripes you can see the coloured image has splotches.

The videos looked ok if a little over saturated at the top. But I think this is promising. I just need to get better at tuning the etalon to stop the bright spots on the disk. The coloured image is obviously too hard in terms of sharpening.

EDIT: I've put another image in for sharpening in Autostakkert. The strange banding doesn't seem to be present but I don't think the Autostakkert wavelet processing is as agressive. Anyway, The ASI178MM does seem to be a good solar cam and the pixel size looks good to me.
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