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So to update this again, as much as I like the idea of an RC, f8 or F10 would be impractical for the occasional trips to dark skies. Probably wouldn't get sufficient data for a single image in one night at that speed.

Other considerations ...

Max ota weight under 15kgs to suit my EQ6.
1200mm Fl
Decent focusser for my QSI Wsg8 (2kgs)
CF tube (I have no dome, although that means wind issues too)

Guess that adds up to a Newt (or Mak/Newt), as already advised above by many.

So what's the difference between Asian manufactured units incl. GSO, Saxon/Skywatcher etc, vs Euro stuff like TS & Orion?

Seriously considering parting with my WO FLT110 so that will free up the budget (a little) as well, so maybe $3k- ish to spend.

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