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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Gilles, I rewrote the ftdi_read_data function (...)
If we are doing 2x2 binning, why is the width still 3000?
Thank you very much, i've merged your code (first time i do that !)
I've corrected the readframe function : i've removed the unnecessary buffer purge, and the delay (don't know why i left that here...)
I fact, this way i've no more "blocked image", very good point, thanks again.
(EDIT : Do you want to be mentionned in author file ?)

Also, when you start an exposure, the message displayed was width=6000 (and 3000 when binning 2x2) it was just because we are working on 16bits and frame buffer is twice larger...
Correction done : i've divided by 2 when message is displayed

I think it's time to try on other platforms.
Raspberry 3, here i come !

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