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I only have uncooled Cam86 in 3D printed (plastic housing), i.e. no cooling yet to test. But it can take images fine with the latest firmware.

I don't have linux on my laptop (the old laptop died so linux is only on my desktop) so I have to figure out some way to use the cam86 with linux outside the house. Do you know if the old Raspberry Pi 1 (model B, 256BM of RAM) can run indi? I have a few lying around.
Actually I may have a Beaglebone Black as well somewhere...

I also played with your driver today. I tried to get rid of the horizontal stripes by changing the FTDI parameters. Could not see any pattern that permanently removes them. I am not sure what is going on. I want to check if taking images with cam86_viewer results in horizontal lines.

I checked the Ukrainian forums and few people use MaximDL for acquisition.
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