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Ordered qty 2 30mm sq TECs, one 3 Amp one 2Amp (fleabay). They might take awhile to arrive.

AstroCCD.ord has posted ASCOM for Cam86.

The Camera C45, 1uf ceramic, grim was replacing this with a higher capacity ~10uf or up to 22/33uf 20V in 1206 size. I'll leave ours atm but probably need change it.

Others are building their PCBs and noticed +5V/+3V regulators getting a little hot. They are within temp specs (but the 3.3 is hot) and the I draw is in specs but probably on the upper end of what they can supply. We probably need to maybe look at a slightly higher rating regulator, especially for 3.3V.

I'm keen to resolve this "regulator issue" and get on an build our PCBs...but its good we waited somewhat. But I feel we won't be far off.


Ok we might get away wit han 3.3V LDO with a more narrow voltage input range than the current LDOs LP2950XX. These have a wide voltage input range (up to 29V in) but I think the trade off for this is a limit of power dissipation. Where as MCP1702XX is rated for 13.2V in and has 250mA I out in TO92 package. not so sure atm have to read the pdf on this device, but it appears to use a pass FET thus can handle I flow with less heat.

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