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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Well the rain has cleared away and there is a nice dry wind to dry things out and the sky is clear blue, looks like first images tonight. The waning moon rises around 9pm, and sadly is still close enough to the Lagoon and Trifud to throw some light in the front of the scope even with a light shield, i would prefer to stay 45 degrees away. For this first light i probably would prefer something further away, even though i will be shooting Ha. I am thinking that maybe NGC 6188 would be a good choice, it is a fairly bright (+5.2) emission nebula with good gas cloud definition, and has a bright central star that can give some insight into clipping behaviour, and is high enough by 9pm to be well away from moonlight.
Other suggestions? I prefer easterly targets.
NGC6188 or 6164 (the little flower nebula next to 6188) would be the go.

Vela Supernova Remnant is another IC2944 the Running Chicken is another.

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