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I wouldn't buy a camera from ebay if it was being imported from hong kong or singapore etc either. Not only because of the taxes and duties, but also, most of these camera dealers on ebay try to charge high shipping prices, and only give you an international or sellers warranty, which means you'd have to send it back to the dealer to send back to hong kong or wherever to service it.
Tony, have you tried looking at dpreview for info about the D70s? I know you said you weren't fussed about the specs but here is a comparison chart of the D70, D70s and the D50 (another new model it seems) specs anyway: http://. And if you don't want to check out the specs, here is the important part of the blurb from the top of that page which basically sums up the differences:
This camera has the same CCD sensor and imaging pipeline as the D70 so image quality should be identical. However several changes have been introduced including improved auto focus accuracy, slightly wider flash coverage, a higher capacity battery, a new larger 2.0" LCD monitor and re-designed menus.
So there doesn't seem to be much difference at all between the D70 and D70s.
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