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If its rotating with the camera then it is probably an optical train mis-alignment (tilt).
But it can also be collimation. Your collimation looks good so my suggestion would be to check your optical train.

Make sure the CCD is sitting flush with the MPCC - not 1mm tilted because it was screwed in wrongly (etc). Once that is all confirmed good, check your mounting on the focuser. It must be flush.

Another test - as you said you have a laser - put the laser in place on the focuser and then loosen the compression ring and rotate the laser in the focuser. Does the beam move a bit (rotate etc)? If so and you are sure you were not accidentially bumping hte laser when moving it then check your secondary collimation. If that is fine, then check your actual focuser. It could be out as well.

I have a sort of similar issue to you with my SCT. I think it is tilt, but i am not ruling out collimation.
Going back out tonight to check.
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