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Thanks Guys.

Chris, I am using Direct Guide and the Calibration distance is 60 a.s. in X & Y. Minimum Move is 0.01 a.s. and Max is 1 a.s. Aggressiveness was 10 but had no effect increasing it to 13. I imagine if I was chasing seeing (a sensible suggestion) it would be apparent in both axes. I just noticed that the CCDSoft Drive Calibration Results show a slightly greater pixels per second movement for Y (1.2) vs. X (0.7) but I'm not sure how to alter that.

Stuart, nice to find another RC10C / MX user! My camera should be pretty much at the 6" back focal point. The setup is Camera, SX-AO-LF and a home made adapter. Corrections were applied for the AO glass and the Filters. I have been concerned that the Collimation might not be perfect so I bought a Tak. Collimation 'Scope but the blurb in the box said it wasn't useable for a Corrected Scope like ours! DSI keep promising to provide a Collimation Procedure so I will have to chase them a bit. I will send you a sub from Sunday via PM. since I can't get an image small enough to post here. 200K maximum!

Thanks guys for your suggestions, SkippySky suggests Wed/Thurs may be clear so I will give them a try and post again.

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