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Originally Posted by mental4astro View Post
Hi all,

Jeff Young's rendition of M3 is incredible. This link takes you to his sketch which also contains some of the technical details used to create this stunning sketch. It is very much electric, but unlike a sketch transfered onto black paper, it is an inverted scanned image:

While you are on Astro. Sketch of the Day, look through the Gallery. Scott Mellish features prominently. This fantastic Aussie sketch artist has produced some of the most extraordinary work I've seen, including the one of 47Tuc I noted here in post No. 17 below.

geez how do these people do it? 5 hours sitting at the eyepiece plotting every star in accurately? Or do they plot in rich parts randomly while plotting the brighter stars according to their actual positions? Jeff Young, he's known for rather spectacular sketches and regularly posts them on CN.

eidt--- upon posting that i just noticed he gave a detailed description of how he actually does it

Inverted scanned images are a good way to go IMO, you get the effect of a white pastel on black, but with the accuracy and convenience of a pencil.
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