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Being that I own one of the widest field telescopes on the forums, Allow me to clear something up. Wide field imaging is for sissies.. Processing can be tricky because the field is expansive, and you can have a few objects in the field that just don't want to balance nicely etc. But narrowfield imaging is just down right difficult, finding the target can be very hard, framing it correctly is hard, finding a guide star is hard, taking long enough exposures is hard.. When it all comes together and the computer downloads a good sub from the camera, its exhilarating... I have a few shots from my ST10 @ 1756mm and a few at 1630mm that were pretty exciting to have captured. but capturing M83 at 2800mm with my ST9E was a real rush!

So, whilst im imaging with a very wide field at the moment.. I am going to side with Fred here... Narrowfield + Narrowband is where excitement lives... Wide field is fun, big expansive pretty pictures etc... Narrowfield is dramatic and is all about impact.
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