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Talcum powder has recently been found to be carcinogenic, so I would hesitate to use it.
Nonetheless, keeping the rubber protected from ozone (the primary cause of deterioration, with sunlight a prime second cause), a substance like Armor-All or its imitators could be used. Tire black could also work.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to prevent these protective agents from rubbing off on your eye socket.
Keep the eyepieces away from sunlight and in the case if not in use and the rubber eyecups should last a long time.
And you might be able to get some replacement parts if the eyepieces come from a big company like TeleVue, Explore Scientific, or Vixen.

Originally Posted by Wilso View Post
Hi all,

I read a thread on CN the other day about a similar question & nobody came up with a good solution.
So I thought I'd post my google research here as I'm not a member there.
Anyways the best thing that I found to use on rubber is actually talcum powder.
It's actually used in the manufacturing process to keep rubber soft and supple, to absorb moisture from oil/grease and to cut down on friction. (contains silicone element)
Also maintains the elasticity of rubber and will not dry out or damage it in any way.

So I gave it a go on my TMB 40mm paragon eye cup and grips.
All done and dusted.

Hope this helps. Only time will tell!
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