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Thanks Pete,

Just took a closer look at that & you are correct, inline with what I originally posted below would definitely be an option.

But, I've decided to bite the bullet & try & future proof myself a little more.

I am now on the look out for a reasonably priced secondhand HEQ5 Pro or HEQ6 Pro...

Just gonna have to be super patient I think..

Cheers for the advice though

Originally Posted by Retrograde View Post
What about that Vixen SP with SynScan upgrade that's in the classifieds?

I have a Vixen SP that I purchased in 1985 for Halley's Comet which sat unused for well over 20 years yet worked perfectly when I dragged it out & started using it around 2011. I was able to get round stars with unguided 1-minute exposures through my ED102 triplet that weighs 5.5kgs for the OTA alone. It's still a light weight mount and you can easily pick up the equatorial head in one hand.

The only thing that stopped me upgrading mine is that I originally purchased mine without a dec motor (and associated dec motor bracket which seems impossible to find).

*Disclaimer - I don't know anything about the particular unit in the classifieds or how well the EQ5 synscan upgrade works on these. Just thought it's something worth considering that might be a good alternative to the Star Adventurer.
Good luck with whatever you choose.
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