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Originally Posted by Madanie7 View Post
Hi All,
Just wondering if I could get input into this eye piece list as a goal.
Looking for good coverage for my Nexstar 6SE

No rhyme or reason except for I already have some Televue so kept with them and what I thought were "reasonable" magnification & TFOV jumps.

Panoptic 24mm 62.5x TFOV - 1.0 (already own)
Delos 17.3mm 86.7x TFOV - 0.81
Nagler 6 13mm 115.4x TFOV*- 0.67 (already own)
Nagler 6 9mm 166.7x TFOV - 0.47
Delos 8mm 187.5x TFOV - 0.38 or Nagler 6 7mm 214.3x TFOV - 0.37
Delos 6mm 250x TFOV - 0.29


Hi Brendan

Matt has given you some valuable advice about eyepiece weight so it would be wise to take it on board, I would not go with a 6mm of any flavour as the amount of times you will have seeing good enough to use it IMO and would go 7mm Nagler for the highest power then the 9mm Nagler that with the 13mm you have will probably end up your 2 most used eyepieces. Lastly i would get a 32mm Televue plossl for low power work a very nice ep in your scope.....
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