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ZWO etc

thanks all, although a delta of > x'c is always on paper great. I look back on my career (sort of) as a man who takes astro photos, and the most productive I have ever been is with a cooled DSLR -my 60da. The best photo I think I ever took however from a personal point of view, was taken with a Mono FLI8300 with Baader filters. Aesthetically If I had the time I would go mono but I don't have the time anymore. So bang for buck and considering I just spent 11 hrs on my last DSLR pic (so not that impatient) though that was spread out over a month, I will for the future stick with OSC.
My only destination for the photos is for a family end of year Calendar so as long as it looks pretty and I have satisfaction intellectually in getting it,
ohne rast ohne hast
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