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I don't know about the IMX455, but for my ASI294 (Using the IMX294 sensor) ZWO have at least at one time, specifically recommended not to use bias frames.

Using APP, the cal frames are debayered, if you do them undebayered and feed it lights to be debayered it will error out and tell you that the light and cal frames don't match, one channel in the cal frames and three for the lights.

Definitely your darks will need to be at he same gain and temp, flats I am not so sure it is important, bias I think would need to be if you are going to use them.

What sort of calibration problems are you having? If it is weird colour casts in different parts of the image it might be similar to the tricks in calibration for the 294, flats (And dark flats) need to be longer than 4 seconds for that camera, they are a SOC design (System On a Chip) and under about 4 seconds exposure (I don't know the precise figure, I aim for 8 seconds for flats just in case) the exposure is controlled by the SOC where longer ones are controlled externally to it by the circuitry of ZWO design. That means flats shorter than the threshold use different circuitry and the noise profile is different, so short flats don't work properly with long duration lights.
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