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Welcome to our vibrant little community, Ray, and many thanks for your very useful tips. I really like your emphasis on taking time and having a spirit of play. It is tempting to try to see more objects rather than fully appreciate the one already in view. Also easy to get so focused on the technical that it's possible to lose the magic of observing.

Observing with friends is also such a great tip. I usually observe on my own and really appreciate the several star camps that I go to each year as an opportunity to have friends let me know what they are seeing - opens up whole new vistas, as does comparing the view through different scopes. I think the conversation over the eyepiece also means more coming and going, the revisits revealing more each time.

And thanks Rob for your tips, which I notice you added to - good stuff. And a very good point about the limitations of trying to use high power with a small scope. The double averted vision thing is going to take a bit of thinking about. Does it imply a binoviewer?
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