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Eyepieces and Accessories

I have the following eyepieces:-

31mm Nagler T5 (2")
27mm Televue Panoptic (2")
20mm Pentax XW (1.25")
17mm Nagler T4 (2")
14mm Pentax XW (1.25")
12mm Nagler T4 (dual barrell 1.25"/2")
10mm Pentax XW (1.25")
8.5mm Pentax XF (This is an absolute cracker for the price) (1.25")
7mm Pentax XW (1.25")
5mm Pentax XW (1.25")

In addition I own a full set of University Optics HD orthoscopics (5mm,6mm,7mm,9mm,12mm and 18mm), which I sometimes use for lunar/planetary/double stars. I also keep these for my 10yr old son to use in the 10" scope.

I like them all, otherwise I wouldn't have them. I don't keep anything I don't use, albeit some eyepieces get used more often than others. My two most used are the 14mm Pentax XW and the 10mm Pentax XW. These give 150x and 210x respectively in the 18" Obsession. I find this power ideal for most DSO work. What I like about them is the exceptional contrast, sharpness and light throughput. Combine that with the cool neutral colour reproduction, comfort and the big eye lens giving a very submersive view, there aren't many, if any, better eyepieces that money can presently buy IMO. The 31mm Nagler probably comes next as I use it to frame large extended objects and star fields at lower power. What I like about it is the large FOV without an oversized exit pupil in an F4.5 scope.

Other Accessories:-

2" 1.6x Antares Barlow
2" Televue Visual Paracorr
1.25" 2.5x Televue Powermate
1.25" 2x Orion Shorty Plus Barlow
2" DGM Optics NPB filter
2" Orion Variable Polarising filter
9 different 2" Hoya colour filters for special planetary effects
1.25" Astronomiks OIII filter
1.25" Astronomiks UHC filter
1.25" Sirius Optics Contrast Enhancement Filter
1.25" Sirius Optics Planetary Contrast Filter

All of these goodies live in an "everything proof" Pelican 1600 case.

CS-John B
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