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Thanks, you have some very nice glass RB.

I love all my kids to.

It would still be nice to hear from others, the forum has over 2.5k of people on it.

My interest lies with what people use and like about there eyepieces.
We all have different eyes, and normally we find eyepieces with a 2 Ė 2.5 mm exit pupil
(Divide the focal length of your eyepiece by the F ratio of your scope... Example 10mm eyepiece in a F5 scope 2 mm exit pupil.)

So for me itís my 13 mm LVW that spends most time in the focuser for DSO.
And the 8 and 6 mm for Planets.

I know a few people with 24 mm Panoptics and they seem to spend lots of time in the focuser!

What I look for most in an eyepiece is how easy it is to look through.
My friends 18Ē is a great scope and I really like using his 22 mm nagler, not really the 2 mm exit pupil but around 4.4 mm with paracor.
But itís really nice to use and lovely to look through.

Itís just nice to look into an eyepiece get no black out or see you eyelashes or get tired eyes from eye strain.

Yeh imaging is nice but you canít beat the eyepiece view. Not manipulated buy the computer. Donít shoot me, and lots of great photos are taken by many of you.
But I have never seen a photo as good as the view of the great 47tuc in an 18Ē or even in my scope.
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