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Originally Posted by wavelandscott View Post
Okay I'll try and list them...

TV Plossl:
1 X 32 mm
1 X 20 mm
2 X 15 mm (Binoview)

TV Panoptic:
1 X 24 mm

TV Nagler:
1 X 16 mm T5
1 X 13 mm T6

1 X 10 mm XW
1 X 7 mm XW

2 X Denkmeir 21 MM (Binoview)

BO/TMB Planetary: (just ordered for a look see)
2 X 8 mm (Binoview)
1 X 6 mm

1 X 2.5 TV Powermate
1 X Denkmeir "Big Easy" Binoviewer

some misc. Bintel/GSO Plossl eyepieces hanging around

Gee, maybe my wife is right and I do have a "problem" ?!?!...

Picking one is like asking which child do you love most!

I love them all...I use the 24 Pan the most (widest field in a 1.25 inch package)...every viewing session start with it and then depending on the night I go from there. They all have things I like...
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