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I have no experience with DSS, but if it seems to be stuffing up things when you use darks, try without. You may need to use bias though for your flats. Also suggest about 5 minute subs for NB if possible - that will give you SNR limited by shot noise and not camera noise. Shorter subs will work, but will require longer overall integration to get to the same result. Isn't it nice to be able to get lots of usable subs in bad wind though?

As a general comment, the dark noise is low and dark calibration may not add much benefit for brighter targets. It is probably still worthwhile for maximum depth on dim NB targets, but that will depend on how variable the bias is - it is likely that bias is reset with each power-on and full calibration will be a bit more complicated for this camera (ie we could possibly need new bias data for each power on or change of gain). I guess that we will all get a feel for how best to use this camera after we have more experience with it, but for now, I think that no-cal is a perfectly viable option - particularly for broadband.

this is more fun that a barrel of monkeys - the new camera really is a very interesting beast .
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