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Originally Posted by glend View Post
I think, with Lee's help, we have found the problem with Sii data acquisition in the M16 image. I picked the 19 Sii subs with the highest score and stacked them in DSS WITHOUT any Master Dark or Master Bias, just Subs alone. When I look at the resulting stack file, there is the signal! Plenty of Sii data there, even in 19 x 60" subs. I stretched it abit in Photoshop and I think I could just plug it into the image now. I believe the DSS dark calibration is scrubbing out the Sii data because it is so close to the floor, or the expected noise. So DSS is definitely doing something I don't want it to do. I might rerun the processing for all my data on M16 without dark calibration and see what I get.

Any DSS experts out there have any idea why inclusion of master darks and master bias in the processing would scrub out my data?

I am posting here a small example of the 19 x 60" Sii sub data, and the larger version on Astrobin.
not sure Glen but I am intrigued as to why it has colour (blue), perhaps there could be an issue in your settings relating to that (rather than greyscale)?
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