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In trying to get a handle on Sii sensitivity of the ASI1600, I had a look at the spectrum response chart and it would seem that, given Ha is right next to Sii on the spectrum (like within about 20nm) it should be able to pick up Sii just as well as it does Ha (which it does very well). So I turned to trying to find out if the AR cover glass has some sort of IR Cut configuration, that might be blocking Sii.
I asked Sam on the ASi1600 Product Q&A page on their website for some idea of the spectrum bandpass of the AR window. He has replied there and posted a spectrum for the window.
Link to the Q&A page is here,

and his response to the AR window question is down at the bottom (8 June).

and the spectrum chart he referred me to is here:

So it seems there is no reason that the camera cannot pick up Sii at levels like that of Ha - provide the Sii is there to be picked up, or that you expose for long enough to gather enough Sii to bring it up out of the noise. I would have thought that my 23 minutes of subs was allowing adequate time.

Anyone want to nominate a 'hot' Sii target that I can use for testing?
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