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Originally Posted by codemonkey View Post
Ah, sorry Glen, TIFF would have been fine. I was basically wanting the stacked, calibrated but linear images for SII, Ha and OIII.

In other news, apparently my camera has arrived at the post locker today, in Brisbane. Unfortunately I'm working from home so I can't pick it up until tomorrow... still, that was fast.
Glad to hear your camera has arrived Lee.

Re the files, I have uploaded FIT files to Astrobin in the shared folder area; however, it seems I can't just post a link here, you have to be an Astrobin user so I can 'invite' you to the location. Do you have an Astrobin user id?
BTW, Astrobin does not seem to acept TIFF anyway, as I found out after I tried to upload the TIFF reg files as well.

Lee, if you, or others here are Astrobin users, then try this location:

You will be prompted for your user id before allowed to it but it should work if it allows you through. Not sure it this applies to folks that are just using the free facilities of Astrobin.
Make sure you read the note attached to the folder when you open it, as the subs are registered to produce these stacked output files, but the output files are not registered against each other at this stage. You would need to register the three against each other before further processing.

I looked at Dropbox but I don't want to add another monthly cost to my budget.

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