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Yep, I have spent 7k on my three lenses for my D70. Good pro lenses make the difference. Even then you still be plenty of ordinary images.

I don't agree with what most people have said here, but each to their own. Incidently I frequently am able to enlarge images made with my D70 to 1200mm x 900mm. In fact some of those images are for my an exhibition (non astro)I am involved in next year. No grain evident. Must be me. You have to shoot in Raw though.

This is a debate that will never be resolved. Fairly pointless. I once used film a lot. Now never, its been a major hobby since I was 14. Now 41, I think digital is a major revolution in photography. Some of the best landscape guys I know use digital. Not many use film now. Only the old timers. Good luck to them.

Like I said each to their own. Do what makes you feel good.
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