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I completed Bobís tour of Ophiuchus back on the 14th July, but had missed posting my observations. So, a belated catchup. The night was clear with seeing about 4.5/5 and transparency 6/7.

I toured the main stars at 36X.

Rasalhague: blazing white-yellow with scattered fine faint star field background.
Cebalrai: bright yellow-white.
Gamma: white
Yed Prior: bright orange and nicely framed in the same FOV with Yed Posteria: slightly fainter orange.

Then it was on to the objects of interest. All of these were observed at 62X:

Rho Cloud complex: faint misty haze, slightly brighter towards the centre. It was better and slightly more defined with averted vision.
NGC 6572 @ 160X: distinct very small whitish-blue round planetary.
NGC 6633: pretty open cluster of 20 plus stars against a scattered star field. Brighter field star near cluster.
RS Ophiuchus: faint white end star of eight stars of similar magnitude that form a distinct crescent.
Barnard 72 (The Snake Nebula): My notes do not have any reference to this nebula and I cannot remember it on the night. I suspect I missed it.
M14: broad diffuse glow, brighter towards the centre but not central bright spot.
M10: broad diffuse area, slightly brighter towards the centre. Stars appeared on the edge of resolution giving a mottled effect. A spray of outer stars added to the effect.
M12: fainter glow with resolved stars across the face with averted vision.
M107: faint glowing patch.
M9: faint glowing patch with a broad slightly brighter central area.
M19: faint road patch with slightly brighter central region.Some mottling across the face.
M62: brighter and more condensed with a very regular circular shape. Brighter central region.

Vixen NA140SS on TRex with LVW 22 (36X) & 13 (62X) eyepieces. Navigation using Sky Safari 6.
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